Read Between The Lines Music Video

Kartonnen wezens komen tot leven in Amsterdam!

In de nieuwe video van ALASKA POLLOCK komt karton tot leven in de straten van Amsterdam.

De video van de nieuwe single ‘Read Between The Lines’ neemt je mee in de wondere wereld van Doosje. Wanneer dit kartonnen wezen plotseling tot leven komt, begint een zwerftocht door de stad waarin de personage op zoek is naar vriendschap en liefde. Maar waar hij ook zoekt: nergens zijn soortgenoten te vinden. Doosje zit niet stil en besluit het heft in eigen hand te nemen..


Making of:

Cardboard creatures come to life in Amsterdam!

In the new video of ALASKA POLLOCK, cardboard comes to life in the streets of Amsterdam.

The video of the new single ‘Read Between The Lines’ takes you into the wonderful world of Boxy. When this cardboard creature suddenly comes to life, this means the start of an explorative trip through the city in which the character is looking for friendship and love. But no matter where he looks: he cannot find any buddies of his kind. Boxy does not sit still and he decides to take matters into his own hands..

Read Between The Lines’ is an outstanding mix of film, stop-motion, and animation. The video almost looks more like a Disney-adventure than a music video. In this impressive artwork, your eyes are treated to the craziest creatures, dancing to the music. An important role is also played by the musicians of ALASKA POLLOCK; completely in the style of the video, of course.


It is clear that inspiration for the video has been gained from short-film animations and cut-out stop-motion. The video shows the use of materials that you will usually only find in the used paper container. Cardboard birds, a drum kit made of cardboard and a square dog: In “Read Between The Lines” they become a logical whole in an impressive spectacle.


The decor of the video is formed by the busy streets of Amsterdam, which, not entirely coincidentally, are also home to both ALASKA POLLOCK and the video makers. From the well-known tourist attractions in the city centre to picturesque alleys in the Amsterdam Jordaan, from the red-light district to a pond in the Vondelpark: ‘Read Between The Lines’ shows the Dutch capital at its best.

Paper Forest

The video is the product of the new animation duo Paper Forest from Amsterdam. With a considerable amount of experience in the commercial field, both Ruth Taylor and Auke de Vries have previously created exceptional videos. Take this remarkable pumpkin-stop-motion that has spread around the globe during Halloween, for example.

The animation collective and ALASKA POLLOCK combined their efforts during the past turn of the year to provide the new single with a special video, with the only guideline: anything goes. Because of this creative freedom, the ideas enormously got out of hand, and a bizarre script and storyboard quickly developed. The only question was: ‘How on earth are we going to do this?’

Read Between The Lines
After half a year of crafting, filming, and animating, the result is phenomenal: a self-contained story about a search for love, friendship, and… cardboard.

The exceptional combination of film, animation, stop-motion, and the cardboard musical instruments that are modelled in detail make ‘Read Between The Lines’ a must-watch video.

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