Why MTM?

The question is of course why choose MTM over the host of other companies in the market place today? MTM offers a wide range of services meaning many jobs can be completed from fabrication to assembly in house by our experts making for a faster delivery time and a decrease in costs. Vast knowledge in the manufacture of injection moulded products nearly 35 years of experience.

Product Range

The range of products that MTM make is large and varied from defence contracts to local companies all the products we make are to the highest specification and quality. Automotive Manufacture of high quality engine parts which include thrust collars utilising our insertion moulding expertise. Commercial Pump devices We produce a range of devices used in the construction of pumps for the distribution of beer. Cable termination Cleats We produce a wide range of cable clamp products to accommodate various diameters of cables.



As we are in part an injection moulding company we work with numerous plastics on a daily basis from polypropylene to acetal to glass fibre filled plastics and many more. If you require a list of the plastics we can mould feel free to contact us. MTM Engineering also offers metal fabrication services in numerous metals, a full list can be obtained from us on contact.


Our Expert services are varied and include:

Our Expert services are varied and include: * Manual Milling * Automatic Milling with CNC * Turning Precision * Turning production * Turning auto * Grinding Surface * Tool Grinding * Assembly * Bending * Rolling * Sawing * Welding Stick * Welding Mig * Welding Tig * Drilling * Injection Moulding * Regrinding The following services can be performed by a number of companies we deal with on a regular basis. We have a good working relationship and have the utmost confidence in their skill and professionalism. * Powder Coating * Laser Cutting * Fabrication * Heat Treatment * Tool Making * Turning CNC * Polishing * Plating


Tooling services

MTM Engineering offers full tool inspection refurbishment as well as repair all of which can be done on site by our skilled engineers. Due to this turn around on refurbishments are much quicker as no labour is outsourced. Alongside the refurbishment of tools we can also advise on the design of tools due to our vast experience with injection moulding we can apply this knowledge at the design stage with our customers. As well as this we can also troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your existing tool. With a number of our customers we have advised on the best course of action to decrease the shot sizes of the mouldings without compromising the moulding itself simply by advising on the design of the tool. Doing this has helped numerous customers save money on material costs. If the service you require does not appear on the lists above, please do not hesitate to call us. We pride ourselves on offering a fully bespoke service, our experts on site are always on hand to solve problems and are highly skilled.


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