The Role of Volunteer Helpers

Helpers are vital in order to hold a riding session.   Each rider needs a helper to lead the horse or pony and others are needed to help with mounting and dismounting a rider, walking alongside a rider when necessary, helping with hats and assisting the Instructor with equipment for activities

Helpers by HutOur helpers are all ages  and are valued members of a friendly team. It is useful to have experience of horses but it is not a necessity, as there are other jobs such as walking alongside, and training is given to everyone on how to lead a pony and manage its tack.

Sessions last for an hour and helpers are asked to arrive a quarter of an hour before to help prepare the ponies. The ponies are already tacked up but they need to be equipped with our RDA items – special reins and stirrups, lead ropes and neckstraps.Helpers and Horses

Helpers soon get to know the riders and help them to give the commands to their ponies and to learn the parts of the pony and its tack and to give the ponies a nice big pat.

Riding sessions are fun and the enjoyment of the riders and the different ways each one benefits are very rewarding.

Some helpers come for one riding session and others stay for two. The sessions are divided into three terms during the year with a break for Christmas, Easter and during the summer. The Organiser/Coach for each session makes sure enough helpers are available and allocates ponies and other jobs.


Why not arrange with our contact (Elizabeth Arnott, our Secretary) to come along to one of our sessions and see, at first hand, what we do?

We would love you to join us!